Accountancy services for charities

Bexley & Maidstone

Bexley & Maidstone

As one of the region’s leading providers of support to Charities, Not for Profit organizations, Social Enterprises and other third sector enterprises, our hands-on approach has provided us with a significant understanding of this sector.
Our services extend from financial systems, budgeting, management accounting, year-end accounting and auditing. In addition, we have considerable experience in the financial aspects of Government grants, such as ERDF, ESF, and Big Lottery.

We also offer Charities bespoke strategic consultancy to help explore their goals and aims, as well developing good governance and the management of risk assessments.

As we work with so many great charities and organizations, we see the wonderful work they are doing day in and day out, and we strive to make a difference ourselves. This is why we offer a 25% deduction of fees to our not-for-profit clients and contribute around 5% of our turnover to worthy causes.

At Hamilton coopers, being “refreshingly different” is our philosophy, and we attain to support charitable organizations as much as we can.

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