Here we look at some strategies for cutting your tax bill. Please contact us to discuss it further

1. Aim to die poor.

2. Give to your grandchildren via a bare trust.

3. Turn your capital into income.

4. Make a will.

5. Understand deeds of variation.

6. Go non-dom.

7. Change your residency.

8. Use Gift Aid.

9. Get an occasional lodger.

10. Use your ISA allowance to the full.

11. Shift your assets around inside a marriage or civil partnership to make the most of allowances.

12. Claim back tax if you aren’t supposed to be a taxpayer.

13. Understand tax credits and claim if you can.

14. Get childcare vouchers.

15. Cut your national insurance bill with salary sacrifice.

16. Make sure you have the right tax code.

17. Make good use of your pension

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